Who We Are

Since early 2021, more than 20 representatives from local organizations, agencies and people with lived and living experience have been working on a plan to address drug and alcohol use in Timiskaming. The goal was to develop a strategy for Timiskaming by Timiskaming, meaning that everyone would have a chance to speak up and contribute. A steering committee was formed to lead working groups focusing on 4 key areas: prevention, harm reduction, treatment and community safety. An advisory group of people with lived and living experience was also formed to help guide and inform the work. A lot of work and research was done to try and better understand local substance use and related harms. Learning from other communities and doing more research, a plan was drafted and the public was invited to provide feedback. The result is the Timiskaming Drug and Alcohol Strategy (TDAS).


The goal of the strategy is to prevent and reduce the harms associated with substance use to improve the quality of life of all Timiskaming residents. This document represents our best knowledge and learnings at this time. As we collect more information, move forward, and the local situation changes, so too will our approach. The TDAS will continue to monitor and evaluate progress and keep the community and partners updated on our work and always welcome feedback.

It is important to note that when we talk about substances, we are talking about ALL substances: alcohol, cannabis, prescription medication, illicit drugs, etc.

The Spectrum of Substance Use

People use substances for different reasons. It could be to relax, have fun, experiment or cope with stress and pain. For some, there may not be any harms related to their substance use, however, for others there may be negative effects on their lives. People can move from one stage of substance use to another, and it is not always in the order of those listed below.

While this spectrum includes beneficial and low-risk use, the focus of the TDAS is to prevent and reduce the harms and negative impacts linked with substances.

Source: Health Canada (2023).

Our Approach


Preventing high-risk drug and substance use.
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Harm Reduction

Reducing the negative consequences of substance use.
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Supporting innovative approaches to treatment and rehabilitation.
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Community Safety

Responding to criminal activity and community safety issues associated with substance use.
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