Policies/Program and Services

Existing Policies, Programs, and Services in Timiskaming

There are many existing programs, services, and supports available in Timiskaming related to substance use and substance use disorders. Below is a sample of them that are categorized by the four pillars of prevention, harm reduction, community safety, and treatment.


An evidence-based resource used to increase awareness about the health risks associated with vaping, edibles, and other methods of use.

An evidence-based resource used to encourage moderation or low risk drinking to support healthy lifestyle choices and reduce short and long-term consequences associated with alcohol consumption. THU has promoted use of these guidelines and supported Municipalities and other organizations who host events and/or serve alcohol to apply the LRADG.

THU enforces the SFOA across the THU district.

to help mitigate alcohol and cannabis-related harms.

THU advocates for and supports smoke-free policies in local multi-unit housing buildings by providing resources to tenants and landlords.

Harm Reduction

Harm reduction supplies and services are available from a number of organizations in the Timiskaming, including:

  • Northern Treatment Centre – Kirkland Lake
  • Northwood Recovery Clinic – New Liskeard
  • Mino M’shki-ki Indigenous Health Team – Kirkland Lake and New Liskeard offices
  • Temagami Pharmasave
  • Englehart Family Health Team
  • CMHA-CT – Kirkland Lake and New Liskeard
  • Pavilion Women’s Centre – Haileybury and Kirkland Lake
  • THU Kirkland Lake and New Liskeard offices

Supplies include sterile and safer snorting equipment, injecting equipment, and inhalation equipment as well as disposal bins for used equipment.

are available across the Timiskaming to help reduce the number of improperly discarded needles and promote safe disposal of sharps in public places. Locations include:

  • THU Kirkland Lake and New Liskeard offices
  • BDR Drug Mart, Kirkland Lake
  • Kirkland Lake Pharmacy, Kirkland Lake
  • Drugstore Pharmacy, Kirkland Lake
  • Temagami Pharmasave
  • Earlton Pharmacy, Earlton
  • Marshalls Pharmasave, Englehart
  • Rx Drug Mart, Englehart
  • CMHA-CT Kirkland Lake and New Liskeard offices

This program aims to widely distribute naloxone kits, a medication that can counter the effects of an opioid poisoning (overdose). THU, Temiskaming Hospital Emergency Department, Mino M’shki-ki Indigenous Health Team, Pavilion Women’s Centre, CMHA-CT, Doreen Potts Health Centre on Bear Island (Temagami First Nation), Timiskaming EMS, and all pharmacies carry and distribute naloxone to individuals at risk, their family and friends, as well as to community organizations who interact with people at risk. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) first responders carry Naloxone in the event that a poisoning occurs on a call.

works to reduce opioid- related deaths by addressing service gaps, strengthening and building safety nets, and increasing protective factors and supports.

Along with community partners, THU is developing an opioid surveillance and early warning system. This will allow response to data that demonstrate an increase in local opioid-related incidents or detection of high-potency or toxic drug supply in our communities. Early warning response includes issuing alerts in the hopes of preventing drug poisonings in our communities.

Community Safety

An essential tool for ending homelessness in our communities. Data is collected from consenting individuals experiencing homelessness across the entire district of Timiskaming to help connect them with local supports and community agencies specific to their needs.

provides legal protection for people who experience or witness an poisoning/overdose and call 911 or their local emergency number for help. Various local organizations promote awareness of the GSDOA.

The CSCU strengthens the OPP’s commitment to ensuring public safety and delivering proactive and innovative policing. This program is designed to tackle community level drug and property crimes.


is available through various agencies in Timiskaming.

Clinics provide timely access to addiction medicine, assessments, referrals, and case management in New Liskeard, Kirkland Lake, and Englehart.

offers an Outpatient Concurrent and Addictions Services program, which includes:

  • Public education and consultation
  • Referral to consulting Psychiatrists
  • Relapse Prevention and aftercare
  • Crisis intervention and planning
  • Referrals
  • Individualized assessment and treatment planning
  • Personal and system advocacy
  • Family support and education
  • Breaking Free Online

offers counselling services and both onsite and on-the-land cultural wellness initiatives.

offers an array of treatment services including a methadone maintenance program, suboxone program, addiction counseling for opioids and alcohol use, medicine man and elders support, psychiatry services, system navigation support, and land-based programming.

offers an array of services, including a methadone maintenance program and suboxone, addiction counseling, psychiatry services for program clients, and a Hepatitis-C Treatment Program through Ontario Addiction Treatment Centre (OATC).